The TakeOver 1


On the 12th of May 2018, VexBlazer held a night to remember. The event under the title ‘The Takeover’ headlined a variety of artists including Tizzy x Brandz, Young Adz, and Skengdo x Am. An electric fusion of a range of genres that all merged to make a night of familiarity and absolute enjoyment. 

Unlike any other event which holds a mass of people as a large audience, the crowd lacked in number. Nevertheless, the energy surpassed a crowd of a thousand and the intimacy between audience and artist was brilliant. A surge of happiness flowed through the room as bodies twisted along the rhythm of songs, and the ground carried the vibrations through peoples feet and into their souls. Due to the small crowd, the connection between artist and song and artists and fans was prominent. Not only did people now just sing along to a favourite song, but they became part of the performance. Friendships were formed within the crowds but a deeper love for music was formed through out that night. And to top it all off, fans had the chance to even meet some of the performers. Therefore, VexBlazer had managed to make some people’s dreams come true, as well as help people’s dreams grow. An upcoming artist by the name of Solo B, had grown his fan base and gained more supporters due to that night. 

Some may critique the price of the event, however, Blazer Entertainment may have learned from this as his next event coming up on the 17th January 2019 in Manchester is running for only £15! With a wide range of known artists such as S1 X SAV12 and DigDat and upcoming artists OSAY X OD1. Overall, I would call the night a success, with a growing fan base and minor improvement, Blazer Entertainment has the potential to become a great events company which can increase the growth of Uk artists around the world. We pray for your success!!! 

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