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During the early hours of February 9th 2019, Blaine Cameron Johnson, famously known as ‘Cadet’: unfortunately, died in a car crash on the way to a show in Staffordshire.

It has now been 4 days since his passing – and still there Is a disgusting pain sat where my heart should be as I write this. An unimaginable emptiness within me when thinking of the death of a young man with so much hope, life and potential. ‘Cadet’: a man who genuinely worked to fix all the flaws in his life in order for it to be better. A beautiful story-teller and talented rapper and somehow taken away from us so early.

Although I didn’t know him personally, his death hit home. 

WHY? Because this was a death that lacked any involvement of crime, or drug abuse or a sense of violence. A death that was derived by a mere accident, rather than an illness. And so, the reality is hard to swallow. His loss of life was just so normal and raw and could have happened to anyone. And this somehow just makes it more painful. The fact that there is not someone or something that we can put the blame on. There is no reason to be angry or seek vengeance of some sort. All we can do is take it in and digest the pain of the loss of someone so jovial and heart-touching.

His stories spoke truth: reality. This truth that he was able to mend. Family problems, Love life, Inner battles – everything he sorted out. And for that all we can do is be grateful that he managed to do everything he aimed to do – that includes getting recognition. This, however, doesn’t mean he wasn’t meant to do more. Of course he was- this ‘Underrated Legend’ was destined for much, much more. For greatness – to be on top. However, his passing has taught us this: that life is fleeting.

And that’s just the plain, hard truth. Life is so short-lived and we don’t know what tomorrow brings. So live it to the fullest, and achieve all you must, live happy, love hard, don’t look back but instead mend what needs to be fixed. Take in every breath and appreciate what you have in front of you – because in reality – we don’t know when it could all be taken away.

All that’s left to say… RIP CADET ‘UNDERRATED LEGEND’ 

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