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The 4 Fs Rule  

Before I venture into explaining what the 4 Fs are and what they stand for, I certainly need to introduce the topic for today.  

If asked to guess what Fs would stand for, I believe that many would have said words such as: future, failure, fantasy, fantastic and so on.  

I, on the other hand, would have said: FUCKBOYS.  

And indeed, “FUCKBOYS” is the topic of today. 

Let me tell you that a fuck boy is not necessarily a guy that just has sex with you and then dumps you straight after. A fuckboy is a guy that in order to achieve the sexual intercourse, he firstly fucks with your feelings. 

Personally, when I talk about Fuckboys, I refer to the emotional damage that they cause when they WILLINGLY, put themselves out with their intentional games. And that’s where my 4 Fs rules comes in place.  

But let’s take another step back, because I feel the need to highlight that there are different types of fuckboys and I like to put them into two categories.  

The bad ones also known to be original ones. And trust me: they are BAD. And if you’re still thinking that they are the problem, you definitely need to hear this.  

Have you ever noticed that the majority of these guys don’t really make moves, because what they do instead is to give you those “signals” that will make YOU move to them? 

Because we know.  

Because they know.  

A good girl will always fall for a bad boy. 

Regardless of their fatal flaws s human, moral beings, something that I actually really admire about them is that they are HONEST about what they are up to and yet, we decide to get ourselves involved in their businesses. “I can change him”. How many times will you try to convince yourself about that?  

The truth might hurt but, darling you CANNOT change someone that doesn’t want to be changed. If that process doesn’t spontaneously come from them, the only person that will end up being changed is yourself. 

If I said that the bad ones are bad, don’t get surprised to hear that the good ones are WORST.  

These guys know what they are doing.  

They are smart, strategic and they never do anything without a purpose. There’s no better way to explain a little bit more about them through a case study.  

Picture this: You’ve been talking to this guy for quite a long time now and he is a REALLY nice guy. You guys click; the energy that you are giving him is the same that you are getting back. There’s a connection, there’s banter, he understands you like no one has EVER before. He has similar interest as you, but most importantly he makes you feel unique and safe. *Hint, hint: danger* 

You are at your third date now; everything is perfect as per USUAL. He has noticed that you have changed your hair style and instead of complimenting how beautifully your bum is fitting those trousers, he simply tells you that you look gorgeous. He offers AGAIN to pay for both meals, but you are an independent woman and you politely decline the offer. It’s getting late and that mellow breeze has turned into a biting wind. You shiver and without hesitation, he lays his hoody on your shoulders. You can’t stop smiling. Although that might have just been a simple gesture, it hides thousands of deeper meanings.  You feel warmer, protected and at peace each time you are inhaling his scent. 


But little did you know…                         

He left. And when he did, he took a piece of you with him. Leaving you with an unimaginable void, that is constantly aching to be filled again, crying out in sheer and utter regret. 

Now how did he do that?  My 4 Fs rules might help you to give an answer to this question! 


More to come soon 


Writer: Victoria Ironboinose  

Editor: Rachael Air

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