27 and Broken: LOVE IS A FRAUD

It seems as my heart’s caught a cold

The warmth of her embrace had turned cold
She was no longer mine to behold.
I was ready to work for this, even if it meant the relationship went through the fire,

I knew it would come out as refined Gold
I gave you my heart to hold
Only for it to be returned broken and cold

I wore my heart on my sleeve
Laid my cards on the table, my emotions were visible
Articulated my heart desires to you, it was loud and audible
Never a doubt in my mind, I was all in, ready to go on one knee.

To be honest it’s my fault,
I’m normally the guy who thinks of all the possible outcomes,
So how could I trust something as mysterious, unstable and fragile as LOVE.

You see love will make you kill for someone; but love will also make you kill that someone.
Love can make you feel so high and on top of the world; but love can make you feel vulnerable and lost.
Love can motivate you to go the extra mile; but love can make you lose control of your emotions and mind.
Love plays tricks on the mind, makes you paranoid.

Love is a fraud, and if you aren’t careful it will make you happy – feel good – comfort you.
And in an instance take it all away and leave you empty and void.  

How could I trust something that changes its mind in an instant?
How could I allow myself to believe that it would want the best for me?
I thought I understood love.

I did everything love wanted and love is.

I was patient, waiting patiently and helping you grow and blossom to that which you were called to be.
Never once allowing my pride or ego to step in the way of your dreams, instead I learned to sacrifice myself for you rather than be self seeking.
I took delight in being truthful and honest with you: complete transparency and openness. Allowed you access to every aspect of my heart…
I never envied any aspect of you, instead I placed you on a pedestal, remembered no wrong nor kept anger in my heart.

I protected you, kept you away from the Lions den and placed your heart in the garden of Eden.
I trusted you, took your words as gospel truth because love always trust.
I had hope: hopeful of the beauty our future would be, hopeful of the journey and dreams we had set.
And I was ready to preserve, ready to climb the mountain, walk the desert if it meant I would have you.

But what did love give me?
It returned my once warm and beating heart in pieces,
No longer could it warm my body, instead cold blood runs through my veins. It left me confused and broken
I thought I knew love but now I know,

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