27 and Broken: The Holy Family

You see they were viewed as the Holy Family,
A mother who waited, and prayed, and sacrificed,
Listened to God speak his command, and allowed
herself to be lead by his hand.

A father who changed and accepted the word. 
Turned his life around, became the family man,
Community king, self righteous hand.

And the son,
The son who was called and anointed by him,
Who was put on the throne, called by his people 
the prince.
He leads when he speaks.
And spreads love where he goes.
But what they didn’t know is, he couldn’t 
let himself go.
That he’s been broken before,
didn’t always know where to go.
That the cross really broke his back,
that his spine really cracked and cracked and cracked.
This son once lost his path, and the father 
looked and turned his back.
Because you see,
Life is not always as it seems.
Some kind of fantasy, some illusory dream,
And we choose to ignore the silent screams,
And so, the product ends up being,
A far gone man, his father’s right hand,
A broken boy… A far gone son
Twenty-seven and somewhat – Broken.

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