Cellular ~ TeeAyy

As the music industry continues to grow, drawing in and attracting new sounds daily and everyday producing a new entertainer. This including 18 year old TeeAyy from South London has managed to pick the right ingredients; this being vocals, melody and production by 5five2, in order to write and execute a good song.

Due to the melodic vocals that TeeAyy crafts throughout the song, the overall sound is smooth and soft and can create a song that you would want to sway along to in a summer setting. Nevertheless, due to the chilled tone of ‘Cellular’, it is definitely a song that could bring life to a pre-drinks setting.

The music video gives a clear idea of TeeAyy’s environment and who he seems to be. It reflects the typical musical culture within the UK and therefore conveys how he has been influenced by Uk music. Overall, TeeAyy has started on a good path in his music career and shows real potential as an upcoming artist.


INSTAGRAM: @teeayydc

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