Moments in Time ~ Praise

It seems so funny 

How I can look back into my hazy memories and laugh or even flinch How i can stare right into the blur of the moments that have disappeared And cry or feel that dull ache of the sadness that is withering away But i can never seem to truly block out those emotions 

Because they never really disappear do they? 

Never truly perish 

They feel like they are hidden deep within me 

Though a faint memory they feel vividly distant 

Time does nothing but push it back into the depths of minds 

I have to accept that past situations have passed 

It’s so surreal 

But, the emotions left are beyond real 

At that very moment it felt like it could have lasted forever 

But now it is nothing but a dull throbbing 

That moment could have felt like the worst or best time in my life But at the end of the day no matter how wonderful or miserable that moment was, it passed 

Trapped in a place that I can no longer allow to interfere with my present And here I am somewhere in time 

Here I am looking back at how it all was 

And how it all has passed 

How the past remained in the past



  • Elizabeth Bello

    I really love this🥺

  • Florentina Osuji

    This is so deep, so beautiful please keep writing

  • Eve

    I really love this, spoke to me on a deep level and how I want to see things in 2021 ♥️

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