Hazey ~ Tee1UP

As we now settle into the new year and decade, a wave of new sounds, vibes and artists follow. The UK music scene continues to grow everyday and with this comes along a plethora of new up and coming young artists with it. This includes the upcoming South London, hip hop artist and rapper Tee1UP. 

Only fresh to the music scene the young man conveys an abundance of talent and potential by showing of his skills from young. His latest single ‘Hazey’ reflects the reality of growing up on the streets of London whilst creating a name for himself and coming up. Touching on the neglecting of the government and estates in London, the artist speaks on the ideology of young people having to find their own way to survive and only being able to trust himself drawing on the concept of one going insane or facing psychological issues due to the solitude in their lives. This is further reflected through the music video in which he is in a straight jacket crafting the imagery of a mental patient and therefore, conveying the mental impact that the ‘streets’ have on people. 

His deep voice is enticing and portrays a mature yet chilled tone that you’d want to listen to, this gives the song a more chilled vibe that’s enjoyable to listen to regardless of the lyrics to the song. Overall, ‘Hazey’ by Tee1UP sets a promising start to his music career.



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