What do you think the meaning of life is?

I ask this question using a second person pronoun as I personally believe this is massively subjective. When I think of this and what I’m actually asking, I know that I can’t actually answer this question, I don’t think I could express this answer in a manner that isn’t arbitrary. However, I also know that it is saddening to think that our life actually has no meaning, that we are placed on this planet for the sake of just survival. And so, for my own sanity, I like to look at life with an open mind. To actively engage with and observe my surroundings and where I’ve been placed on this earth. To at least attempt to understand every person I come across, because life is different for every single one of us. I can’t pinpoint exactly what the meaning of life is, but I can say throughout our lifetime, I think it is salient that we live life so happily and to our complete fullness (whatever your fullness may be), whilst also openly engaging with what life hands us (no matter how hard it may be).
And so, this week our food for thought is ‘what do you think the meaning of life is?’

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