Lili Caseley ~ C’est La Vie

Singer, songwriter from Camden, North London, Lili debuts her first release with Hoax Digital with brand new single ‘C’est La Vie’.

The single which came out earlier this week embraces the mainstream pop sound, fused with a hispanic instrumental and French entangled in the lyrics, C’est La Vie creates a catchy summer tune which is both calm and relaxing yet fun. Lili crafts an upbeat yet smooth and easy to remember chorus throughout the song in which she talks about love, experiences past and present and creating an empowering tone. Her songs are usually influenced by her Portuguese and French heritage and taking influence from her favourite classical European poets as well as contemporary pop acts (all which we see in C’est La Vie). 

Lili is a former Artist Development student at ACC London and was spotted, whilst performing at a competition hosted by the brand Hoax, by Cetera Management.  


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