#Let’sTalk~ When a statistic becomes a face…

For the past three weeks we’ve been subjected to forcefully staying at home, and if you’re going outside for reasons other than exercise or  buying essential things then please STAY HOME. If you had asked me last week how I felt about it, I would have told you that ‘I’m ready to get the F***… ASAP’. Living back home (earlier than expected) with my siblings and my parents… I thought I was losing my mind. Everything was just overwhelming. I wanted my space back, the freedom to chose when to wake up, my privacy. I literally thought I was becoming mad because everything then started to irritate me. 

Once that had settled and I’d accepted having to live here and there was nothing I could do about it, a wave of boredom hit like a ton of bricks. But it wasn’t your typical boredom, it came with the feeling of not wanting to do anything either. Everything became tedious: touching my phone, attempting to do work, reading, Netflix, youtube. And although this quarantine is a time where we can be more productive in various ways with private matters, I just wasn’t motivated to. Until…

With all the different waves of emotions that I had been going through, one thing remained: This is real. Everyday more and more people continuously lose their lives due to this virus, and through this people are affected on personal levels. Families are forced to grieve in the confines of their home, their loved ones not having the send off that they deserve. Families are torn apart by death. And death is inevitable. It always has been. Life is not promised at all and there is nothing we can do about it. 

However, it’s worse when a statistic then becomes a face – a memory. All that is felt is pain, complete and utter pain. Heart shattering, overwhelming pain. And that just so happens to be the case for thousands of people at the moment. Fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles and grandparents and many more. For many this is more than just a pandemic: it’s a time of grieving and reflection. And for those of us who have luckily not been affected by this virus in any way, it is still a time of reflection. We are mainly left with just our thoughts and as detrimental as it can be it can also be uplifting – a time of self growth. 

And so, to those who have lost anyone dear to them, our hearts go out to you. We know that saying ‘everything going to be okay’ won’t help, so instead we say don’t loose yourself. Don’t allow these moments to defy you and change you or your future. Grieve and cry and love again. But most importantly… STAY HOME, STAY SAFE.


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