This is what it has come to?

Rights stolen. Families broken.

People left feeling unwholesome.

Half a man, in fact, half a human.

And less than half of what we deserve to be given.


Kidnapped and tortured.

Coerced into labor and abandoned with 

a clouded plague, feeling un-favored.


A fight fought peaceful.

A fight fought painful. 

Both fights in which we were defeated.


More and more loss.

Less and less progress.


And it’s sad to say that I feel

almost immune, but that has become most of our

tune when so many of our brothers have 

had to leave their mothers too early 

at the hand of a badge that those men are not 

worthy to have.


If it’s war you want, trust us, it’s war you’ll get 

because this time we won’t allow ourselves to rest.


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