Where does your validation Lie? ~ Atlas

Where does your validation lie?

DISCLAIMER: All views shared within my posts are what I believe to be valid conclusions depicting an accurate perception of my experiences.

“Never assume any one person knows you holistically.

And never assume any one person knows you as well you do.”

I believe people lack true understanding for why people make the decisions they make. As a result, we have a lot of people in society who don’t actively listen to engage in fulfilling discussion. Rather, in giving you advice, they put confidence in the version of you they believe to be true, as opposed to the potential of the person in front of them. This, to me, is conditional understanding – the love that only exists when we agree on contemporary subject matters. But what about when disagreements occur?


A different version of yourself lives in every person who sees you. 

For we can only see things within others that we see within ourselves.


It’s important to know every person will never see you exactly as you see yourself. Every person should be considered equal – humanity is the one thing we all have in common. However, every person is slightly different in absorbing even the most similar of experiences. So, how much more diverse can people’s minds be when the experiences they encounter are comprehensively different to their neighbors? You can tell any one person everything you know about yourself, and they still won’t know everything about you.

Understanding this, it makes even more sense to be wholly self-aware of who you truly are. No one will truly grasp an understanding of who you present yourself to be until you are able to express who you are without fear or constraint. Whether this be a simple conversation with friends, or the vulnerable art you create behind closed doors (I’ve chosen to use this platform – a contemporary medium as my form of expression).

I guess it can all come down to this:

Would you rather believe what Creation says about you?

Or what the Creator says about you?

Where does your validation lie?

In the past, I myself have been guilty of validating my realities off other people’s advice – without giving much thought to the well-judged conclusions I’ve made and live by.

However, I’m learning to trust in myself (& the judgements I make) more. In doing so, I’m becoming more convicted to stand my ground for what I believe in. And sometimes, this means I must be confident enough to accept responsibility for where I’m wrong. Allowing others (who can understand and accept me) to correct me.


I must also offer myself the opportunity to understand I can also be right. Because I’m not part of the norm doesn’t mean that I’m automatically wrong – the two are not mutually exclusive. On too many occasions I’ve pushed myself to question the circumstances of my own judgement resulting from subtle gaslighting – I’ve put more faith in others than I have my own judgement. Having such experiences both beyond and around current injustice uproars now, I understand that I should really give myself more credit.

And perhaps this is simply an issue of self-confidence. I need to constantly remind myself of the totality of responsibility for who validates my actions lies with one person – me. And so, as I have acknowledged this now, I will commit to walking in this reality. And it’s hard sometimes. Being in this world and not of it. But as much as that doubt will creep in, I will affirm myself with realities only One has been confident enough to say about me.

I’m smarter than I think.


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