Past to Present Pain

I’m taking advantage of heritage,
Placing it on display, hopefully it will bring some pay
some people might start to hate, saying I’m making light of the pain,
But you see this is my way to express the past days,
I’m no longer in pain, because I’ve been saved,
But wait that can be problematic because I accepted the white man’s faith
So now they say forget him,
he’s been brainwashed,
Reprogrammed to think being in England, means he’s part of their land, forgetting that they took his land, and left them with no land to inherit
Can you see the reserve psychology they’ve played on this man
Making him think this he’s in the promise land
After they conquered his land, took his rights, left it in a right mess and gave it back
And now told you all to come to their side
After making your house in-conducive
And when you land
they treat you less than
Forgetting that your worth is the reason they have theirs

It wasn’t enough taking the gold and silver
Now they aim to colonize our women, painting them as ugly but painting their women with her features, In hope that they’d give birth to a future, where they have the superior genes
No wonder it’s false beauty, unoriginal, second hand
But nothing can ever be as good as the original,
And what more, for you future to gain our strength they would have to walk the path, we flipped the pain of the whip to give birth to future kings
And now that you can’t conquer them you results to your old ways,
now that we don’t fall the mirror tricks, you bring out your guns and click

New tricks but same results.
Your greed caused you to chase after what wasn’t yours. Your inferiority and greed made your heart turn evil. After your evil act fear crawled into your heart thinking that one day we might want revenge for what you have done to us, so you decide to keep us down in fear of retribution.

“When the white man brought the black man to america they never intended for them to be anything more than slaves”
“when Europe colonized Africa they never intended to give it back to them”