The Day I Died ~ Ede.N

The day I died was a very bright, beautiful day. I had just spent the weekend with bae and I was glowing. No, my mummy didn’t know I wasn’t in school but Josh assured me none of my family members would suddenly travel to Akure and catch me red handed, in his words, “this is not African Magic honey”. 

Well,  well,  Joshua, I wonder what you have to say for yourself now.

I was dozing in the front seat when I heard somebody shout “Driver, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus ooooo”, I jumped immediately and looked over to the Driver, he seemed to be sweating profusely. With great reluctance, I looked out the bus and saw that we were about to collide with a trailer, the driver kept swearing and pumping the brakes and turning the steering wheel but the bus was obviously being driven by my village people.

 In that split second, my life flashed before my eyes, my mother was going to kill me after the trailer killed me, they didn’t even give us manifesto to fill in this bus, Josh will blow after using my money to promote his music, my father would find out I was owing school fees because of love, somebody will now take all the money in my piggyvest and my yeye cousin will  tear my favorite skinny jeans with her big bum bum.

 I glanced at the driver who was in tears, he had given up, I felt a fluid running down my legs and I started to say the Lord’s prayer because I refuse to suffer in this world and the next, when I heard somebody shout “Madam, wetin be this? This Aunty dey piss for my bus. Aunty wake up jor”. I felt someone push me and I opened my eyes to see the Driver glaring at me with his tribal marks laughing at me. “Aunty, wetin happen? You for talk say you wan piss na”,

I just closed my eyes and died. I died of shame. 



  • alien_brain

    Good lord???

  • Joma Baby

    You should have calmed down?

  • Vickii

    This is the best thing I’ve read this week????
    You forgot to add that I would have killed you too?

  • Kenasek

    Beautiful ❤️

  • Brandon

    That was tooo funny ???

  • Precious


  • Gladssss

    ?? this wasn’t the ending I expected at all

  • Jozsfh

    I’ve said this a hundred times, but it’s never been as befitting as it is now: I died while reading this!! ??

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