Hard soil

To be honest I’m kind of tired of the trails that the government has put us through
And you see, there’s nothing we can do, than to tell you all the truth,
These are the cards we’ve been dealt, but we still make it through,
Planting seeds on hard soil

Shout out to the Nigerian youths
I would say stop talking and start acting
But if we do they’ll put a gun down our throats
Click the bullet, because we got a reward for our hardwork
We still smile through hurt
wish we could flip the scene on those in Abj hiding under that rock
Let them feel a bit of the pain
But then they’ll jump on their plane
And leave us on this lane

Now the young girl sleeping with the eldermen
Just to gain some bread ,
you say it’s wrong I say not
Because that man is holding the wealth That was meant to be passed on to the next gen
Instead I have to buy gen to support my next gen
We went from riches to rags
I thought this shit was meant to be done in reverse

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