Chapter 20: Always A New Beginning

This post may come off as cliche but it’s necessary because I didn’t think this day would come, especially with the year we’ve had so far. Do you know how many don’t make it to twenty? The amount of lives 2020 has taken. And yet God left me here – for that my gratitude is immeasurable. This hidden milestone is not nearly enough celebrated. Two whole decades of survival of the fittest; it deserves more accolades, should be more anticipated. 

I’ve technically been an adult for two years now – but 20 seals the deal: gone are my teenage years now, gone and never to come again. Shadows lurking in my memories that will now only come out as short stories or anecdotes. Times I should have appreciated more, lived in the moment for, lived freely, Carelessly. They always ask how does it feel on your birthday, and usually it feels regular, the new age doesn’t hit until it does and even then it’s mostly anti-climatic. But when they asked today “How does it feel being 20?” It does feel different.

Because let’s be honest, twenty marks the beginning of real adulthood doesn’t it? The beginning of this stage marks how I will lead it, and the next ten years and the rest of my life essentially. I hope twenty is the year I heal completely. The year I make a real statement, start to create the mark I wish to leave on this planet. The next ten years means more than just achievements. The next ten years to me means I need fulfilment.

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Shall we start a new segment? Follow my journey at this new age of 20.

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