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The disparity in people’s perception of Africa is remarkable;

For some, she is the hopeful bride, a chance of something new – 

The fabled Promise Land to which they can find their hope and desires

To live, again, in the reality once forgotten, though embedded in the roots of their history 

Others, she is the troubled youth who had gone wayward

Led astray by the woo of predators who brought faux attention

Seeking to abuse her innocence and rob her children

Seeking to squander her fertility, as they run her barren

For the many, she is a filthy whore – 

A victim of rape and pillaging that has left her with no hope of tomorrow, and an insatiable appetite

You risk her contagious nature, wholly aware she serves only to infect and suck you dry at your roots, as you pump the last drops of your reserves into her, in the hopes that it will quench her thirst… with the knowledge that she will never be satisfied

But she demands more of you still and you have no choice but to feed the addiction of this whore that you are bound to

To the few, she is a child who had a bad start in life

The embodiment of poor parenting and neglect

To this few, she is a flower that has lost its bloom in season

Requiring tender attention and pruning

These few are wary that the sun should shine too bright, or the wind blow too hard

Lest the hope of what she could grow to be would be lost

For me, she holds the dreams and aspirations of my mother

She is the safe haven of my father

Their wealth was never stored in monetary value in unknown lands

Theirs was peace in the lands of their forefathers 

Streets that echo the joy of a village as they raise a child 

Homes that mourn the deportation of spirits, as they begin their journey into life beyond our comprehension 

The air riddled with the intrigue of infants celebrating Egun-gun’s dance through the bleak night

For me, she is both tradition and legacy

She is not some distant apparition used to uphold values and belief systems 

She’s not a tool for your pleasure or fetish

She is home. 

About The Author

The world has been set ablaze once again and this time it is our most precious Africa at the epicentre of this 2020 trauma. After years of neglecting and being ignored by the rest of the world, her cry is being witnessed and heard by the rest of us. We are all witnesses to the atrocities occurring within different African countries right now. Due to this, planning a post for this week was so hard. But then IsleofAtlas (one of our in-house) writers introduced me to this piece and I was instantly mesmerised. Not only did it creatively touch on the issues within Africa it also spoke of her as an exploited and neglected child. Speaking with TheVoiceOfANation opened my eyes and ears to thoughts I hadn't completely explored before. I hope when you read this piece you see what I saw, hear what I heard, feel what I felt upon reading this. At times I feel helpless with all that's going on back home, but a way in which we can help is to continue to raise awareness and stay buy the those who need us most right now as a united front no matter the geographical boundaries.


  • Judi Balogun

    Love this!

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    This was beautiful <3

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    Beautiful piece

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    Louder for those in the back please !!

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    Absolutely stunning.

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    Well written❤️

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    A beautiful piece?

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    Touching and Deep.

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    A Very heartwarming post

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    That was amazing ?❤️

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    This is beautiful and so strong

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    So touching

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    Beautiful piece! Touching both the proud and humble, the poor and rich in spirit

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