What is happiness? ~ Praise

What is happiness?

I must find my happiness from myself
And for myself
For my happiness to start and end with another, that very thought frightens me
I can’t depend on another person for my happiness
I want to be a person who has found their happiness in themselves first
For my happiness to be dependent on another, that I do not want
That is what I despise

But then again, what is happiness?
And is it mine alone or is it one that must be shared?
Is happiness where your heart and mind are at peace?
No sadness clouding over your soul
No darkness intruding into your thoughts
Pure bliss?
Is happiness something you have to fight tooth and nail for?
Or is something that just falls onto your lap
Maybe happiness is love
Love for yourself
Perhaps happiness is all in our mind
Our mindset maybe
How we think and approach the world
How we see others and feel towards it
Our perspective
Maybe happiness can be found on a spectrum between peace and misery
But that’s simply speculation
Perhaps happiness was never meant to be understood
Perhaps there is no true meaning of happiness
Perhaps you’ll just know when you’re happy
What does happiness feel like?
I can’t seem to grasp onto it or comprehend it
What is happiness?


  • Florentina

    Amazing, insightful and very deep I absolutely loved this ❤️


    “maybe happiness is love,
    love for yourself” !
    happiness can be defined as satisfaction and pleasure in ones self, similarly love is associated with the emotions of joy & happiness. can this be deemed that contentment (happiness) is the state of being in love? does this suggest that happiness is love? its too intricate to say for sure!

    this was so truly beautiful and complex. It brought the state of tranquility as well as the pondering of what happiness truly is.

  • Eni

    Once you love yourself and genuinely know who you are, you’ll find happiness.

    Keep it up P ??

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