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So I was looking through my archive and I found the piece below. The first piece of writing I ever wrote down.
My mom had just giving me an earful about marriage and how to find the one, this is 2012-2013 and I was still in uni. 
They’ve been talking about this marriage for years and still no wife, maybe I should have taken her advice about putting 
the list in between the bible. 
But after her speech I prayed and came up with this, my first piece and the lessons are still relevant. 

So enjoy 


So here I am in my moment of confusion
Finding it hard to make this decision
Not sure who exactly to pick for my future
Although this future seems far far away but we know how time can take flight and soar
And I have a vision of what I would like her to be but I’m still not sure
Not sure if it’s her in my dreams that I saw
Because once I wake up different talks and preaching and advise floods into my mind and troubles the waters like a seesaw
I’m even more scared to go into a relationship because if she isn’t the one it’s gonna Me and her sore

So I thought, I thought it was time to take it to God
Because in all honesty it’s his fault
Why create so many beautiful girls and ask me to pick one that just seems flawed
But in truth it’s my mind that was false
Thinking in a false manner and My mom always said there’s one way to deal with this matter

Osaze write down what you want in your wife and put it between your bible and pray to God about it.
And so I did

I told God I want someone I’ll fall in love with everyday
Someone who will draw me closer to Christ and not take me away from your Grace
Someone I can run with in this race because let’s be honest we both know I need a help mate because this Christian race…Well that’s for another day

And I heard God very clearly speak and he said and I quote “you are not the type of person that woman will be attracted to”

And God started to teach me
Instead of you trying to pick a girl out why don’t you learn what a real relationship is like with me.
Learn not to cheat on me by trying to get under her attire
Learn to adore me and make me your only desire
Learn to communicate with me by prayer and be set on fire
Learn to be truthful and honest and stop being a liar
learn to trust me during your times of trials
And love me love me like I am truly your messiah

Because this are just some basic qualities you’ll need if you want to marry her. So stop trying to find her because God already knows her, and if you know him you’ll know her


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