Before She Could Live ~ Amanda

Bitter yet so sweet  

How could you fall for a woman like me? 

Broken, is that how you like them?

You know nothing of my scars 

I could show you, but you would have to unravel my skin

Would it be easier to tell?

I suppose, if I did not fear the words 

I should trust you. You say

She did once the little girl 

When all she knew were the simple joys

The days on the playground….

Sleepovers with her friends….

She trusted you or the ones that look like you 

Right before they stole her innocence 

Matured her body long before its time

Forced itself into her fragile frame 

She thought of death even before she could live 

The shame the guilt trapped in her soul 

A childhood like no other, she had 

One she prayed to forget. 


You don’t want a woman like me 

I would always say 

Then I remember her

Not knowing her will to fight 

I would mourn each night 

For life had sentenced her to death

But oh, how I praise her

Her strength greater than I could imagine 

Wishing I could tell her she survived 

That she’s a woman now 

Far more beautiful than she would imagine 

Would she believe me? 

Or maybe she could believe you 

If you are still willing to have me.



  • Ruth

    wow, this was so powerful, keep up the good work!

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