No Good with Words

I am no good with words,
finding it difficult to interpret the thoughts in my head
my vocabulary is limited, so by the time the words travel from my brain to my mouth, they just roll off my tongue onto the floor.
That’s why me, myself and I are best friends, they understand me.
We hold conversations with each other until the moon is done with its night shift. I can take my time to speak to them.

I am no good with expression,
When I start to speak my tongue can never keep my words on track
So I try to speak fast
Hoping I can get everything out before I I I sta start to stam stammer
Taking deep breaths, looking for the strength to push out the words all at once but the delivery takes the life out of the words.

So now that my tongue has failed me, me continues to speak to myself and I
But my head isn’t that big, not enough storage to store all the talks and conversations.
Makes sense because I’m the type to use a long sentence to describe something that can be said with two words. I only have two impressive words in my vocabulary, lackadaisical and contextualization.

My head moves some of the weight to my mind but my mind is cluster phobic.
It’s getting cramped in here, my head is annoyed so it begins to hurt, my mouth volunteers to take some of the burden but my teeth imprisoned tongue out of fear of another stutter breakdown. So here I am, unable to express myself, tell you who I really am not even sure if they really know me.

So my fingers decide to help, picks up the pen and being to interpret some of the conversations unto paper. My head getting lighter, my mind frees up, my tongue less ashamed of its failure and inability to speak because at least now someone else can hear the words.
No longer rolling off my tongue and scattered all over the floor But the fingers dancing with the pen on the paper dance floor, I hope it’s movement tells you a bit of what’s going on in my head but not only that, it also helps frees up my mind.


  • Ragba

    This is beautiful

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