Don’t Live Like Me ~ Praise

Why do I have to work hard?
It’s tiring and it’s hard
The motivation that people somehow seem to find seems to be well hidden
from me
The laziness that has grabbed onto me is not a choice, it’s has harassed me
and has thrown me into a shell
For me to become a person with no dreams, no clear ambition
Because the mere thought of a dream is hard and complicated, and it requires
laziness is hard as well
It too requires effort
Effort to not break down from the constant thought of my uselessness
But this effort does not compare to the effort of working hard
Something I can’t help but consider strenuous
I sit here in my laziness and imagine a life full of glamour and luxury, the ritz if
you will
I can’t say I envy hard workers
They give me something to not look forward to
Why can’t all my desires come falling onto my lap
They tell me ‘hard work pays off’ ‘you must work hard to get anything good out
of life’
But here I sit in my laziness, the feeling of languor resting on my body
Their words had no impact on me
Some may say that this is a horrid way of thinking, of living
Yes, it surely is
But am I too comfortable in my indolence that I cannot see past its smear?


  • Florentina Osuji

    Jeeezzz , this was real honestly I can honestly resonate with this deeply, laziness can often be seen as a choice however, there are times when you feel stuck in it and feel as if you have no purpose in life, people may tell you different and tell you to work hard, however what good is that advice when you don’t believe it will accomplish anything when you don’t feel it would make a difference to how you actually feel, I feel this post really touched a place I truly can relate to. Thank you

  • Elizabeth Bello

    Wow for a very long time, i’ve been feeling this way about life, why can’t I just have things with out the rawness of working/studying to get the lifestyle I desire. Yes, it is a “lazy” outlook on life but I am allowed to long for this. Why can’t I just be lucky like that of my peers? Thank you for this amazing piece. It was truly eye opening.

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