About Me

Growing up you always want to be everything. For me it was teacher, fashion designer, lecturer, CEO of a magazine, author. If I’m being completely honest, some of those things I still want to be. But what I really enjoyed, what I did consistently did was write. My writing consisted of everything and all genres, it wasn’t limited to merely fiction or poetry or articles: I wrote everything. I became so emerged in jotting everything down that I grew to not only love it but to live by it. Through my brother’s innovative thinking and serious web design skills ‘TheGoodSauce’ was created. With no real niche, or prior audience, no committed set goal. Just the fact that I loved writing. And so I write about everything, even if I’m not that good at it and I share it. I read other people’s amazing work, see their talent, their passion and share it. Because writing is art but just in word form and art deserves to be shared.

What content do we create?

We are broad – not just a blog where one rants, not just a poem where one expresses. We also share thoughts and encourage talent – this is through our reviews. We inform in a loveable yet empowering manner through our articles. We vary in all shapes and forms and if there’s something we don’t do yet, we’ll do it soon, for you.

What is our ultimate goal?

Our ultimate goal for our brand is to reach as many hearts as possible. Usually, when one starts a brand there’s a target audience – demographic they choose to reach. However, when I started this platform, I didn’t pick an age group nor a demographic. I just wanted it to be for everyone. Writing is an art and art should be shared with whoever can experience it. And so, our goal is to share the art of writing to whoever opens their hearts to it. Our goal is to connect with everyone.