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Why do I have to work hard? It’s tiring and it’s hard The motivation that people somehow seem to find seems to be well hidden from me The laziness that has grabbed onto me is not a choice, it’s has harassed me and has thrown


I am no good with words, finding it difficult to interpret the thoughts in my head my vocabulary is limited, so by the time the words travel from my brain to my mouth, they just roll off my tongue onto


It was the 1st day of 2021, a few minutes into it to be precise and I stood off to the side whilst I saw people jump and scream "Happy new year". I just watched them because I did not


“Progress is progress” Why Slow Is Better Than Never   Writing this from my bedroom and reflecting on the week I’ve had (the first week of 2020 huhhh


  “if you don’t take over rest, rest will overtake you” A Monologue on Rest, Mistakes and Eventual Progress.   Been a while. This piece is going to seem like I’m talking to myself a lot…because I am. I took a break from writing last


Bitter yet so sweet   How could you fall for a woman like me?  Broken, is that how you like them? You know nothing of my scars  I could show you, but you would have to unravel my skin Would it be easier to tell? I suppose,


So I was looking through my archive and I found the piece below. The first piece of writing I ever wrote down. My mom had just giving me an earful about marriage and how to find the one, this is 2012-2013