Author: Gabriel Amida

About The Author

The disparity in people’s perception of Africa is remarkable; For some, she is the hopeful bride, a chance of something new -  The fabled Promise Land to which they can find their hope and desires To live, again, in the reality once forgotten,


To the one that got away, I loved you.  I think I can admit that now without feeling stupid and sorry for myself. Although in this moment, I feel a bit raw because that opening statement is not complete. I loved you and


I'm taking advantage of heritage, Placing it on display, hopefully it will bring some pay some people might start to hate, saying I'm making light of the pain, But you see this is my way to express the past days, I'm no longer in


When I started writing this, I wanted to write a deep spoken word piece, mask some of the truth in some deep double entendre. You see, writing allows me to scream as loud as I want without making a noise. It


I’ve thought about multiple ways I could die But too afraid to commit suicide Just like the last time, I was too chicken to take a decision that could change my life Now I’m alone, I remember this feeling. Emotionally broken Claustrophobic. A thousand thoughts. Crowded mind. No space


My weakness was my first love.  Scratch that. First lust and with that heartbreak came the first cut.  I choose to starve my distractions, while it’s my focus I feed it to the Egyptians like the locusts Don’t be so distracted by the


As the music industry continues to grow, drawing in and attracting new sounds daily and everyday producing a new entertainer. This including 18 year old TeeAyy from South London has managed to pick the right ingredients; this being vocals, melody