Chapter 20: Always A New Beginning

This post may come off as cliche but it’s necessary because I didn’t think this day would come, especially with the year we’ve had so far. Do you know how many don’t make it to twenty? The amount of lives […]

#Let’sTalk ~ S E P T E M B E R

September has arrived, and yet so quickly. It seems as though this year decided to rush itself but somehow wreak havoc at every turn it could. But here we are, in September, the 9th month of the year and if you’re […]

#Let’sTalk~ I’m Not Racist But…

This month has been a drastic affair of a whirlwind of emotions… I think that is the most succinct way I can put it.  Processing my thoughts on the matter has been more than difficult. At first I wasn’t surprised, […]

This is what it has come to?

Rights stolen. Families broken. People left feeling unwholesome. Half a man, in fact, half a human. And less than half of what we deserve to be given.   Kidnapped and tortured. Coerced into labor and abandoned with  a clouded plague, feeling […]

#Let’sTalk~ When a statistic becomes a face…

For the past three weeks we’ve been subjected to forcefully staying at home, and if you’re going outside for reasons other than exercise or  buying essential things then please STAY HOME. If you had asked me last week how I […]

#Let’sTalk~ The Reality of Starting Uni

For almost half of my life I waited to be at this place. It was never a question for me, you know, I was always going to go to uni. I was going to make the friends that will last […]

What do you think the meaning of life is?

I ask this question using a second person pronoun as I personally believe this is massively subjective. When I think of this and what I’m actually asking, I know that I can’t actually answer this question, I don’t think I could […]


When we think about how are society is set up and strategised, the laws must come into mind as they are what ‘keep the peace’ in our society and prevents us from falling into anarchy. Nevertheless, just because they are […]

#Let’sTalk ~ Creeping Insecurity

Have you ever sat in your bed, looked at your life from a birds eye view and thought “my life sucks!” Before delving into this childish yet relatable rant that will obviously highlight my sheer insecurities and momentary pain, I […]

‘You’re black, depression doesn’t exist’

You’re sat in a dark, small room with nothing but your deepest, darkest thoughts. The wind whistles in the trees from outside, the leaves rustle on the floor in hurricane like motions, you sit in that corner off this room […]

‘You’re Pretty For A Dark Girl’

“You’re pretty for a Dark Girl”  When I was younger, I was labelled as ‘light skinned’. My fair complexion made me stand out in comparison to my darker siblings and somehow made me desirable, I was ‘cute’, ‘pretty’, and ‘admirable’. […]