RnDrill: a sub genre that has emerged recently in the music scene and seems to be influencing a wave of artists. It offers a new sound of our two favourite genres that seem to juxtapose and yet compliment each other […]

Lili Caseley ~ C’est La Vie

Singer, songwriter from Camden, North London, Lili debuts her first release with Hoax Digital with brand new single ‘C’est La Vie’. The single which came out earlier this week embraces the mainstream pop sound, fused with a hispanic instrumental and […]

Hazey ~ Tee1UP

As we now settle into the new year and decade, a wave of new sounds, vibes and artists follow. The UK music scene continues to grow everyday and with this comes along a plethora of new up and coming young […]

Cellular ~ TeeAyy

As the music industry continues to grow, drawing in and attracting new sounds daily and everyday producing a new entertainer. This including 18 year old TeeAyy from South London has managed to pick the right ingredients; this being vocals, melody […]

‘Diligent Twins’

On the 7th of December, 2018, Manchester Academy felt a dynamic thrill of energy, as an overpowering stage presence took over the crowd. Skengdo x Am: Greener On The Other Side, 5 city tour had began at their sold out […]

The TakeOver 1

12/05/2018 On the 12th of May 2018, VexBlazer held a night to remember. The event under the title ‘The Takeover’ headlined a variety of artists including Tizzy x Brandz, Young Adz, and Skengdo x Am. An electric fusion of a […]