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What is 'Within'?

I have a tendency of trying to runaway from reality when the going gets tough. Instead, I leap into the art of writing to console me. I allow a pen and paper to take me away from whatever I should face. And for just ten minutes, or twenty, or an hour or however long it takes for me to put my thoughts to paper – I am free. And the end result: my mind cleared, and I feel free. 

Within are those thoughts, the darkest moments of my teenage years and my freedom

This is what it has come to?

Rights stolen. Families broken. People left feeling unwholesome. Half a man, in fact, half a human. And less than half of what we deserve to be given.   Kidnapped and tortured. Coerced into labor and abandoned with  a clouded plague, feeling […]

She Was 15

She sat and wondered how she even had friends, They were all pretty – beautiful even but her… She felt ugly, worthless, unwanted. All she wanted was for someone to look at her and say “wow!” To see some beauty […]

Give It Back

You left me And as you turned the corner I realised you took a piece of me   I couldn’t feel my heartbeat I searched through this body bag Couldn’t find my innocence and trust But you had driven off […]

Circulatory System

I am forever trapped within The confines of these four walls. No matter where I end up going No matter who I wish to become I am trapped. Why? Because their blood runs through my veins With water that can […]


You knew this was gonna be bad But oh, this hurts… They know how to make you pain, cry to grovel and want to screech and runaway and scream and kick and … well just want to die.   You […]


Darkness folds around you  Then you’re empty inside You begin to lose parts of yourself, But then you’re growing at the same time. It’s unbalanced. Solitude creeps in and you think  Here is where I’m meant to be On my […]

Look for the flaw

There are parts of me you’ll never see Parts of me that are hard to find But if you search deeply and seek directly through introspection Maybe, just maybe, you’ll see a crack That small flaw in this big brick […]