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Lessons from a Life in Transition ~ IsleofAtlas

“it takes faith to make room for what you’ve never experienced before” Lessons from a Life in Transition   This week has been a rather interesting week. In the shadows of my productivity high from last week, I attempted to […]

Haitoshi ~ Ede.N

Haitoshi She is a cruel Mistress yet a bargain must be made. But how do you bargain with vileness herself? Do you plead or do you beg? Do you kneel or do you bow? Do you stoop or do you […]

Some Ideas On How To Effectively Rest ~ IsleofAtlas

“I may work hard, but I will surely rest and party harder” Some ideas on effective rest.   I almost burnt out last week.   I was doing rather well for myself. I was quite productive, pushing myself within the […]

Those Three Words ~ Amanda

If I could I would say those three words I fear to write it would make it true  So to speak it is out of the question  But for you I will clarify the words  My thoughts are not constantly […]

Don’t Live Like Me ~ Praise

Why do I have to work hard? It’s tiring and it’s hard The motivation that people somehow seem to find seems to be well hidden from me The laziness that has grabbed onto me is not a choice, it’s has […]

No Good with Words

I am no good with words, finding it difficult to interpret the thoughts in my head my vocabulary is limited, so by the time the words travel from my brain to my mouth, they just roll off my tongue onto […]

apathetic~ Ede.N

It was the 1st day of 2021, a few minutes into it to be precise and I stood off to the side whilst I saw people jump and scream “Happy new year”. I just watched them because I did not […]

Progress is Progress ~ IsleofAtlas

“Progress is progress” Why Slow Is Better Than Never   Writing this from my bedroom and reflecting on the week I’ve had (the first week of 2020 huhhh…), I felt inclined to provide a little update on how I’ve been […]

I knew Her ~ Amanda

I knew she would come Steadily pacing in the awkward silence Among the quicken pluses  She found her place  Between the gazes  In the glistening orbs Where eyes locked in a shared understanding   I knew she was here  Lingering […]

A Monologue on Rest, Mistakes and Eventual Progress ~ IsleofAtlas

  “if you don’t take over rest, rest will overtake you” A Monologue on Rest, Mistakes and Eventual Progress.   Been a while. This piece is going to seem like I’m talking to myself a lot…because I am. I took […]

Before She Could Live ~ Amanda

Bitter yet so sweet   How could you fall for a woman like me?  Broken, is that how you like them? You know nothing of my scars  I could show you, but you would have to unravel my skin Would it […]

Find me Find her

So I was looking through my archive and I found the piece below. The first piece of writing I ever wrote down. My mom had just giving me an earful about marriage and how to find the one, this is […]

The Ballerina ~ Ede.N

Death is like the perfect pirouette.  In my head, I am the perfect ballerina. I stand tall in the middle of a stage, hands in a graceful arch above my head, legs straight and firm. The pink of my tutu […]

What is happiness? ~ Praise

What is happiness? I must find my happiness from myself And for myself For my happiness to start and end with another, that very thought frightens me I can’t depend on another person for my happiness I want to be […]

Home by TheVoiceOfANation

The disparity in people’s perception of Africa is remarkable; For some, she is the hopeful bride, a chance of something new –  The fabled Promise Land to which they can find their hope and desires To live, again, in the […]

My Anger ~ Amanda

My anger  It is not like any other  Its untold fate, now can you discover  With a burning lump I swallow the rage  Yet it creeps up freed from its cage    My anger Oh how it grows in faith  […]


I know my place I tried multiple times to walk in another mans shoes and it bruised my heel The pain from trying to pretend I am something which I am not continuously hurt my soul. Walked the wrong path […]

Paranoia ~ Ede.N

 Paranoia I meet numerous versions of you every other day, every other minute maybe even every second, there you are, lurking. As I begin to walk down my street this evening, I start to think “why?” Why does this always […]

Why you should enjoy the process ~ IsleofAtlas

“It’s what gets you there, that sustains you.” Why You Should Enjoy The Process Let’s get straight into this one. “The reward you get for overcoming your last challenge is your next challenge.” – TD Jakes I heard this quote […]

Hard soil

To be honest I’m kind of tired of the trails that the government has put us through And you see, there’s nothing we can do, than to tell you all the truth, These are the cards we’ve been dealt, but we […]

The Day I Died ~ Ede.N

The day I died was a very bright, beautiful day. I had just spent the weekend with bae and I was glowing. No, my mummy didn’t know I wasn’t in school but Josh assured me none of my family members […]

The Push You Didn’t Know You Needed ~ IsleofAtlas

The Push You Didn’t Know You Needed A Beginners Manifesto PT 2 – How To Think For Yourself   Everything in being first began as a thought. To believe, one must first be free to consider.   For you to […]

My Heart Hides Because ~ AMANDA

My heart is a rock  I wail as I am frustrated  My body lays as a block  Thee keeps me understated  It is why I despise to stare If thee is a spell, I cast it away  So afraid that […]

My Song of Solomon

I knew she was royalty the first time I saw her. Her fragrance filled up the room, one you’ll never forget. It brought the flowers to life. Have you seen her sons and daughters of Jerusalem? Have you seen her, […]

The One That Got Away ~ Ede.N

To the one that got away, I loved you.  I think I can admit that now without feeling stupid and sorry for myself. Although in this moment, I feel a bit raw because that opening statement is not complete. I […]

Conformity? I don’t know her. ~ IsleOfAtlas

Conformity? I don’t know her. A Beginners Manifesto on How to Be Yourself  DISCLAIMER: Don’t read this if you’re not ready to question what you already know. “I never had to think for myself before GCSEs, and I was never […]

Hidden Heart ~ Amanda

They know not why you hide That which you suppress Those emotions that lay deep inside But why then do you oppress For you take what is not rightfully yours  The very thing that is promised to another  So why […]

Past to Present Pain

I’m taking advantage of heritage, Placing it on display, hopefully it will bring some pay some people might start to hate, saying I’m making light of the pain, But you see this is my way to express the past days, […]


HOPE IS A DANGEROUS THING FOR A WOMAN LIKE ME TO HAVE. If you asked E, one of my best friends to tell you about me, she would probably describe me as sweet, amazing, intelligent and all that jazz (yes, […]

Where does your validation Lie? ~ Atlas

Where does your validation lie? DISCLAIMER: All views shared within my posts are what I believe to be valid conclusions depicting an accurate perception of my experiences. “Never assume any one person knows you holistically. And never assume any one […]


Broken-hearted painter Loving in-spite the endless colours slashed vigorously across the canvas.  Tormenting the layers of that which protects what is truly vulnerable, crying out from the harsh bristles evokes the true passion from within.  Hoisted with the firm grip […]

Falling out of Love with Love

When I started writing this, I wanted to write a deep spoken word piece, mask some of the truth in some deep double entendre. You see, writing allows me to scream as loud as I want without making a noise. […]

Journey to becoming

I’ve thought about multiple ways I could die But too afraid to commit suicide Just like the last time, I was too chicken to take a decision that could change my life Now I’m alone, I remember this feeling. Emotionally […]

SURVIVAL by Amanda

Survival Survival? Such a plain word. But what does it mean?  Living. Existing. Is it both? Puzzled by this word, I think of one. A loved one. Is it possible to survive without one? Survival? I ponder again. What does […]

Moments in Time ~ Praise

It seems so funny  How I can look back into my hazy memories and laugh or even flinch How i can stare right into the blur of the moments that have disappeared And cry or feel that dull ache of […]

T H O U S A N D C U T S by Atlas

My weakness was my first love.  Scratch that. First lust and with that heartbreak came the first cut.  I choose to starve my distractions, while it’s my focus I feed it to the Egyptians like the locusts Don’t be so […]


Who am I? I’m not fake, but I do need refining. Burying gold while I’m digging for diamonds. I believed so long that I was miming this mindstate that I’m in When I was really buffering over time. Fast forward; I’m […]

27 & Broken: Inside my head

Since the age of 7 I’ve been catching tears But I shed no tears because my palm is full My tears no longer fall down my cheeks Instead they fall down my ribs I tried to be the invisible glue […]

27 and Broken: The Holy Family

You see they were viewed as the Holy Family, A mother who waited, and prayed, and sacrificed, Listened to God speak his command, and allowed herself to be lead by his hand. A father who changed and accepted the word.  […]

27 and Broken: LOVE IS A FRAUD

It seems as my heart’s caught a cold The warmth of her embrace had turned cold She was no longer mine to behold. I was ready to work for this, even if it meant the relationship went through the fire, […]

27 and Broken: Christian therapist

I need a Christian therapist, one who won’t give me theoretical theological jargons but would understand my spiritual journey. Don’t give me a redeem one, cause they’ll say it is well and mountain of fire will tell me to pray […]

The 4 Fs Rule – Victoria Iroboinose

The 4 Fs Rule   Before I venture into explaining what the 4 Fs are and what they stand for, I certainly need to introduce the topic for today.   If asked to guess what Fs would stand for, I believe that […]